Case Update: June 2nd, A Discouraging Week

Well, this has been a very discouraging weekend for me and I’m sure for many of you. The unjust killing of George Floyd as well as the riots that were fomented by far left elements have taken the spot light from the Coronavirus of course.

It has been a very rough week, and I’m afraid I don’t have an encouraging update for you. Nationally, the daily new cases continues to go down. However, according to Rt Live, 13 states currently have Rt values above 1.0, including California, meaning that the virus is now spreading again in those states. Daily new cases in California are continuing to increase in California, and in fact the increase has been accelerated since restaurants and other businesses were reopened on the 21st.

Rt values for various US States and territories. 13 states currently have Rt values above 1.0, meaning that virus is now increasing in those states.

San Diego is nearly flat in new case numbers, but zooming in on recent new confirmed case numbers shows that the County is actually improving, even after re-opening, so we can be glad for that at least, if you live in SD County.

San Diego County new confirmed cases since April 23, 2020. Dotted trendline highlights a trend of decreasing numbers.

For those of you in Montana, there was a small cluster of new cases this week which made the Rt value go up above 1.0 for a brief time. This is because the Rt value reflects a change in numbers, and since the numbers were so low in Montana, any cluster will make this number rise. After a few days, the Rt value for Montana is back below 1, and Montana continues to do well. But this illustrates how important it is to be diligent, even in a state that is generally doing well.

Rioting has of course broken out in many cities in the US. Starting as peaceful protests, many were hijacked by far left elements that wanted to cause wide-spread chaos. Among other damage, rioters and looters were often in close contact without masks on. And yes, I know is sounds a little comical to be worried about that when watching scenes of small businesses being destroyed. Look for Coronavirus case numbers to rise sharply later this week. I’ll keep you posted.

Pray for our nation!

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