Fall Wave “Animation”

Below is an “animation” of sorts, photos from endcoronavirus, about a week apart, with one photo from June, and then a series starting in September. I’ve said that the Fall wave started in the North and then moved to the South as the wave progressed. I think you can see this in this series of photos. You can also see a flare up in new cases in January, right after Christmas.

Counties are colored based the change in cases, not the number of cases. Red is increasing cases, orange is falling or constant cases, yellow is cases almost under control, dark green is cases under control, light green is no cases.


June 9th, 2020
September 15th
September 23rd
September 30th
October 13th
October 21st
November 1st
November 11th
November 19th
November 24th
November 28th
December 5th
December 10th
December 12th
December 21st
December 29th
January 5th, 2021
January 10th
January 18th
January 25th
February 1st
February 10th
February 18th
February 24th
March 3rd
March 10th
March 15th
March 23rd

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