Omicron gives Delta an Atomic Wedgie!

“Omicron” may sound like a killer robot, but it turns out, it’s OUR killer robot!

You’ll have to forgive my imprecise language this evening, but we have some potentially VERY good news, and I’m a little giddy. Last week I reported that 3% of the COVID cases in the US were because of the super infectious but mild disease causing Omicron variant. On Monday afternoon, the CDC updated their numbers from last week stating that 12% of the COVID was from Omicron. Today, they are reporting that for this week ending Sunday, a full 73% percent of COVID cases were from the Omicron variant! With only a doubling of cases in the last few days, that means at least 50% of Delta variant cases have been displaced by Omicron cases. This means that Omicron is displacing Delta. At the current rate of expansion, by Christmas, at least 95% of COVID in the US will be from Omicron, and nearly 100% by New Years! If we can keep Delta suppressed for at least 2 weeks, it will be eradicated from the US. This is so great!

From the CDC page on Variant Proportions. Currently, 73% of COVID cases are from Omicron.
From the CDC page on Variant Proportions. Currently, 60% of COVID cases in the Southwest are from Omicron.
Daily new cases in New York State. Note the doubling of cases in the few days. But 90% of these cases are from Omicron, so Delta cases are roughly 25% of what they were a week ago, having been displaced by Omicron.

I have often been overly optimistic, but literally, if things go they way they’re going now, the Pandemic could virtually be over by New Years!

You know that cop at the beginning of all those movies who is about to retire and then gets killed in the first 10 minutes? Don’t be that guy. We’re almost out of the woods. Don’t go crazy and get COVID now. Keep it together for another few weeks, for crying out loud.

After I’ve settled down a but, I’ll be adding more information, links to my blog post, and a more sober assessment on this topic tomorrow, so check again then. For now, crack open a Diet Coke, in the seclusion of your own home or sensible outdoor gathering and celebrate!

Don’t fear, but party on… sensibly of course,

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